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CareerBuilder Presents:


A comprehensive mobile solution designed
to attract the best talent to your organization.

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Mobile Careers is a mobile-optimized iteration
of your recruitment site, augmented with tools
and features that will empower a
candidate to learn about your company.

Mobile Apply allows candidates to apply for
a job directly from their mobile devices, with a
workflow that is integrated seamlessly with
your Applicant Tracking System.

Together they create an attractive and engaging mobile experience
for the candidates you want to recruit.

Mobile Careers

Mobile careers optimizes your current recruitment
site for mobile viewing and browsing. Mobile Careers
targets potential candidates with the interface they
use the most – their mobile device.

With Mobile Careers job candidates can learn about your
company, view job listings, and see other content
that helps tell your organization's story – all in a
format optimized for a mobile screen.

Candidates can also search for job using
geo-location, see their estimated commute time,
leave a business card, integrate with social media
accounts and share jobs with contacts.

Map Search Results
With Map Search Results, users can
see the location of a job they're
interested in, and even calculate their
estimated commute time.

Social Widgets
Mobile Careers Social Widget
integration is comprehensive, including
Glassdoor, Facebook, and Twitter
among others.

Leave a Business Card
Candidates have the option of
multiple paths to leave their
e-business card or resume,
including LinkedIn.

Mobile Apply

Mobile Apply creates a cloud-based frictionless
mobile application experience for candidates on
the go. With a few taps on their mobile device they
can send their resume from Google Drive, Drop Box
or directly from their CareerBuilder profile to your recruiter.

By letting candidates apply for a job directly to your
recruiting department in a process that is integrated
seamlessly with your Applicant Tracking System,
connecting the best job with the best talent is faster
and more efficient for everyone.

Cloud Apply
Mobile Apply lets candidates send their
resume to a recruiter directly from their CareerBuilder
profile or from popular cloud storage
services like Google Drive and Drop Box.

Mobile Apply is designed to empower
candidates to apply for a job, without
changing your recruiter's workflow.

For employers like you, this solution
works beyond the career site. Mobile
Apply works for any job posted anywhere.

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